Pre-Marital and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Marital and Post-Nuptial Agreements


The Law Office of Ellen Schutz provides effective pre-marital and post-nuptial guidance. Oftentimes, individuals enter into marriage with assets they wish to protect in the event of divorce. Additionally, after a marriage, individuals may decide to outline how they would divide assets and obligations in the event of a divorce.

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Drafting An Agreement That Is Right For You
Dallas premarital and post-nuptial agreement attorney Ellen Schutz has more than 20 years of family law experience. She understands how to review and draft premarital and post-nuptial agreements to ensure clients’ assets are addressed properly. She tailors her diligent post-nuptial and prenuptial agreement representation to clients’ unique situations.

With a Master of law degree in federal income tax, lawyer Ms. Schutz also understands the complexities of property division. She can discuss your short and long-term goals to ensure your agreement addresses appropriate separate and marital property. She will also review the tax implications associated with your decision.

Ellen Schutz encourages individuals who own substantial assets to consider prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The legal team will discuss your assets and how you wish to divide them in case you and your spouse decide to divorce. We have focused our law firm on family law and divorce matters, which provides us with extensive courtroom and litigation experience.

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