Modifications of Prior Order

Modifications of Prior Order


After a divorce decree is final, conservatorship, primary possession, visitation rights and child support can be modified if the circumstances of the child or one or both of the parents materially and substantially change and a modification would be a positive improvement of the child’s circumstances. Modification also is warranted if the current custody order has become unworkable or inappropriate.

At the Law Office of Ellen Schutz, we have extensive experience handling divorce decree modifications and suits affecting the parent child relationship. The firm addresses the emotional and financial hardships that often contribute to modifications. Divorce lawyer Ellen Schutz has been handling modifications of prior orders for more than 20 years. She will evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. She will fight to protect your rights, and your children’s interests.

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Similar determinations are made by the court when enforcing or modifying interstate custody and visitation orders entered by courts in states other than Texas under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which Texas has adopted.

Depending on the circumstances and the countries involved, international child custody cases may be governed by the Hague Convention, a treaty that provides for the quick recovery of a child wrongfully taken to another country or wrongfully brought to Texas from another country unless the return will create a grave risk of harm to the child. Although approximately 140 countries have adopted the Hague Convention or entered into specific agreements with the United States regarding the return of children, Japan, China, the Philippines and most Middle Eastern and South American countries do not recognize these treaties.

It is important for your child’s well being that the proper conservatorship and visitation program is established by the court. It also is important that existing orders be enforced–whether across state lines or internationally–unless to do so would harm the child. If you need assistance with enforcing or modifying child custody orders or visitation orders, call Ellen Schutz. Because…family matters.

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