High-Asset Divorce/Complex Property Division

High-Asset Divorce/Complex Property Division


Marital asset classification and division can become challenging and hotly contested when there are complex assets involved or when the divorce involves individuals of high net worth. It is important to carefully analyze the separate and community property disclosed by each party in order to determine if assets are being hidden, or assets are being undervalued. In certain instances it will be necessary to hire professionals to value or appraise business assets or the business itself. There will obviously be times when a spouse is claiming that the value of a business is not divisible because it’s worth is based solely on good will or on name recognition. There may be times when an asset started out as separate property but has had infusions of community property assets. All of these scenarios are considered complex property division issues and must be effectively dealt with in order to determine a just and right division of the marital estate.

At The Law Office of Ellen Schutz we have extensive experience advising clients on complex divorce and property division matters. Attorney Schutz offers more than two decades of experience handling family law matters exclusively and uses this experience and knowledge to benefit each client.

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Business Valuation and Division
Business assets are often some of the most important assets for individuals in a high net worth divorce. Attorney Ellen Schutz has experience representing business owners and spouses of business owners. We have experience:

  • Tracing assets
  • Valuing a business
  • Determining what if any good will exists in a business’ worth
  • Reviewing inventories and appraisements
  • Interpreting contracts
  • Valuing business name recognition

An important component of addressing business assets in divorce is determining the intentions the parties have for the asset — will the business be dissolved and assets divided or will one party retain business interests while the other party receives an offsetting property interest? Attorney Ellen Schutz has the comprehensive knowledge, skill and experience necessary to effectively advise clients on these difficult matters.

In addition to addressing how to handle business assets in a high-asset divorce, the firm is adept at handling other complex property issues that arise, such as:

  • Dividing pensions
  • Dividing retirement funds
  • Offsetting property distributions through the use of contractual alimony agreements
  • Addressing other complex property division issues

When proceeding through a high-asset divorce in North Texas, it is critical to understand the nature and classification of all marital and separate property. Working with a skilled lawyer who has the legal knowledge and hands-on experience can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your divorce property settlement or order.

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